Aron’s Dealing Application

Aron, a secure place in this insecure world

Aron’s Dealing Application’s Features


Automatic Dealings

Buying and selling words with the same price are traded with each other



Providing daily price chart



Broadcasting the news of Company, Iran and World related to the Market


Aron’s Dealing Application

  • This software will provide you the buying and selling of gold without going to market.
  • The deals which are done in this software are online, if you like, you can have your gold delivered to you.
  • In this application different features like leverage changing, automatic ordering and many other different features are provided and helps the dealer.
  • In Aron Award’s project you can get 500 thousand tomans for yourself and your friends by introducing Aron Groups.
  • Aron Dealing Groups’ application is the only app which is online 24/7 and has no days off.

Advantages of Aron’s Dealing App


Providing leverage for doing deals 4 times bigger than your money

Online ordering

Set the price of your desire for buying and selling and the application will do the deal for you.


Set your desired price in the application and when the price reaches your desired, the app will notify you


By introducing Aron Groups to your friends make yourself and your friends a source of income

Application view

With the lowest cost you can register on Aron Dealing Groups and by learning and using experimental and demo dealing rooms, achieve the required expertise.

You can download the trading application through the pages of Aron's trading group on social networks as well as the website

To date, the Aron Group has been able to create and operate the infrastructure and trading rooms for melted gold, coins and ounces

To get acquainted with the rules of transactions, you can use the pages of Aron Groups on social networks, especially Telegram, as well as the website.

Download the app

Aron Groups’ App is a big store in your hands which you can easily buy and sell gold and coin online only with 100 thousand tomans and from this way you can profit.

Only a deal can change your life